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Other Works

Mann's Green Footsteps

Soundtrack for the trailer of a film project from Culture Vannin. Mann's Green Footsteps is a crowd sourced film about cultural change on the Isle of Man in the face of the climate crisis.

The Unimagined Garden

Performer and Live Electronics - Matthew Warren - 2014

This is a piece where the performer, audience and even composer are in the dark about what the outcome might be. The concept was to create an experience that performer and audience could explore as one. The piece, therefore, is almost completely improvised. The stage is set up with video-tracking (a Processing patch courtesy of Dr Nick Collins) that detects the performer's movements above his/her head. This controls a series of synthesisers in Supercollider, whose parameters are randomly allocated (and re-allocated) throughout the performance. In this way, it becomes clear that there is no certainty to be found in the bows of the Unimagined Garden.

See Emily Play

Three sets of arrangements for, respectively, chamber orchestra, brass band and choir - 2012 to 2014

This was a collaborative project with singer-songwriter, Emily Ireland to write and conduct accompanying arrangements for her music. These were performed over three years at Sheffield's Tramlines Festival and the first of these (with Sheffield Chamber Orchestra) contributed to the EP See Emily Play, released in 2012.

Watch a playlist of the various recordings taken during the project.

Read a review of the EP.



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