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Electroacoustic Works

A Vision of Poseidon

Sterio fixed media - Matthew Warren - 2015

This piece is a character-sketch of Poseidon using the melding of two of his most potent symbols - the sea and horses. Galloping hooves turn into crashing waves and whinnying becomes the whistle of the wind and the rumble of some unknown leviathan.


Gethsemane to Golgotha

10 channel fixed media sound installation - Matthew Warren - 2014

This piece draws on the idea of the Stations of the Cross, creating form in space rather than time in the form of a path that traces the betrayals suffered by Christ during the Passion. The installation uses deliberately earthly sounds to depict the path Jesus took in a very raw way, and making observers choose whether to continue along the path.

Listen to the radio broadcast of a stereo rendering of the piece on Resonance FM. (Gethsemane to Golgotha starts at 42:45)

Read a review of the installation in The Bubble and watch a video from The Northern Echo.


Voice, music box and tape - Matthew Warren - 2013

This piece is a setting Tim Burton's Poem Jimmy the Hideous Penguin Boy that is created anew for each performer and each performance space. It uses tape-looping (similarly to Alvin Lucier's I'm Sitting in a Room) to transform speech into tones that are dependant on the resonant frequencies of the performance space. These are pre-recorded and transcribed for music box, which is in turn subjected to looping. In this way, the tape is made and accompanies the live recitation of the poem and music box part.

First performed in the Durham University Music Department in 2013.

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A Vision of Poseidon - Matthew Warren
Jimmy - Matthew Warren
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