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Instrumental Works

Ritual Fire Dance

Prelude and Nocturne

Piano Solo - 2019

Written for the birthday of a friend, this piano piece unfolds continuously unsettled harmonies that are in a permanent state of seeking resolution.

On Blaenwern

Piano Solo - 2019

A short piano piece around the hymn tune, Blaenwern ('Love Divine All Loves Excelling'). This piece - along with its sibling, On Slane - was written to commemorate the wedding of two dear friends.

On Slane

Piano Solo - 2019

Simple prelude on the hymn-tune, Slane ('Be Thou My Vision'). This piece - along with its sibling, On Blaenwern - was written to commemorate the wedding of two dear friends.

Ritual Fire Dance

String Orchestra - Matthew Warren - 2015

Imitation is a wide-spread and key part of ritual and this piece tries to capture some of the key characteristics of a fire. The five movements - Kindling, Bellows, Flare, Inferno and Embers - each inhabit a different sonic world that is distinct but transitory. The entire piece is written in spacial notation (both in time and pitch) to allow ensembles not used to playing extremely dense music to focus on creating the intensity of the fire.

Blue Jam

Solo Guitar -Matthew Warren - 2015

A spaced and melancholy piece as the guitarist, as if to himself, plays sorrowfully and goes gently out of the room: "To what end?" the saddened audience is left to wonder.

Dedicated to my brother, Kit Warren and First performed by Diego Castro Magas at the Klang Festival, 2015

An Artist in the Garden of the Green Fairy

Orchestra - Matthew Warren - 2015

Written for and premiered by the Durham University Symphony Orchestra, this work is a character-sketch of the archetypal Romantic bohemian. It uses the theme from Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique to evoke the passionate and desperate artist who delves into the world of mind-expanding substances at the cost of his sanity.

First performed in Elvet Methodist Church, Durham, in 2015.

Read a review of the performance.

The Darmstadt Rag

For flute, bass clarinet, honkey-tonk piano, violin and cello - Matthew Warren - 2014

A surreal and quirky fusion of modernism and ragtime. Oddly, this is the most strictly serialist piece here. Worth listening to to the end.



Three Expressions

Solo piano - Matthew Warren - 2013

Three miniature expressions - each is a broad emotional brush-stroke.

Performed as part of the Affect Formations Concerts in the Durham University Music Department and The Sage, Gateshead by John Snijders and Nick Collins.

View a recording of the Affect Formations Concert (Three Expressions starts at 30:13)


Three percussionists and little girl - Matthew Warren - 2012

A piece written as site-specific to the Durham University Music Department's concert room. This piece has the percussionists play on the outside of the room - using the various different surfaces for their acoustic properties - to a, frankly, bewildered audience, for whom the identity of the percussionists remains a mystery, as the only sign of a performer they ever see is the little girl, who emerges at the end.

First performed in the Klang music festival, Durham, in 2013.


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Blue Jam
The Darmstadt Rag
Three Expressions
The Darmstadt Rag - The Ives Ensemble
On Slane - Matthew Warren
On Blaenwern - Matthew Warren
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